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Recruitment Process

  1. Identification of Vacant Positions (HRMO)
  2. Approval of Publication (Medical Center Chief)
  3. Publication (3 Conspicuous Places, SPMC Website, HRMO Portal, CSC Bulletin, CSC Job Vacancies Site, Jobstreet)
  4. Initial Screening (HRMO)
  5. Qualifying Examination
  6. Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)
  7. Background Investigation (Peer/Supervisor/Subordinate)
  8. Ranking and Resolution (HRMPSB/MPSB)
  9. Selection (Medical Center Chief)
  10. Endorsement of Selected Applicant (HRMO to the Different Divisions / Direct to the Appointee)
  11. Compliance of Requirements (Appointee)
  12. Issuance of Appointment (HRMO)
  13. Onboarding

Application Requirements

Application Letter
Personal Data Sheet(PDS), Google Drive Link
Photocopy of training certificates, latest 2 years (if reflected in the PDS)
Certificate of Employment (if reflected in the PDS)
Diploma (Authenticated by the School)
Transcript of Record (Authenticated by the School)
Photocopy of PRC License (Authenticated by PRC)
Photocopy of Board rating (Authenticated by PRC)
Photocopy of CS Eligibility Certificate (Authenticated by CSC)
Photocopy of NC II-TESDA (Authenticated by TESDA)